Stuff Your Stocking With Smut Sale – You Set The Price!

13 Dec
(C) ODS Photography

(C) ODS Photography

Merry Christmas from Red Mallard books! To celebrate the holiday season and the one year anniversary of Red Mallard books, I’ve decided to thank you everyone for their support by allowing YOU, the reader, to choose your price on my books for this holiday season. Give what you can, and I’m sure you’ll end up Santa’s “nice” list this year.

Just don’t forget to leave room for a little bit of naughty, okay?

Visit Red Mallard Books at Smashwords to pick up any and all of my erotica books, for whatever price you choose. Thank you for your support!


Order of Eros Book 1 – Set your own price!

4 Feb

I’ve decided to allow YOU to set to price for the first in my paranormal erotica series, Order of Eros: Dominating the Billionaire Vampire. You can take advantage of this offer on Smashwords (Amazon does not support this pricing method, but it’s super easy to read Smashwords books on Kindles or any device)

Check it out right here:

Top Ten Places to find FREE Erotic Ebooks

13 Dec

cooltext1334613171Hey there readers, I’ve been trying to break into writing erotica articles that haven’t been covered to the point of being uninteresting anymore. Today’s the day we open up this can of worms and begin with the modern version of the ancient news headlines — a top ten article.

10. Barnes and Noble Nook Store
Nook Store – Erotica sorted by Price

When stories are too twisted for Amazon, they always find a place in the adult dungeon known as the Barnes and Noble Nook store. Simply sort by price and you’ll find a ton of smut in the Fiction -> Erotica section. Many of the first volumes of anthologies end up on the Nook store for free — great if you’re looking for a series to get into.

9. Amazon Kindle Store
Kindle Store – Erotica sorted by Price

I’m a sucker for quality, and I’m not sure what it is, but I tend to have better luck finding quality erotica on Amazon than I do within the confines of the Nook store. You’re not going to find any bestsellers here for free, but many authors enroll their new books in the KDP Select program, which allows Amazon Prime members to read their releases at no cost for a while.

8. Goodreads

Yes, authors visit Goodreads too, though perhaps not as much as we’d like to.  There’s constantly giveaways going on in which all you need to do is sign up for a newsletter to get a few free books. Of course, this is a great site to find reviews, book clubs, and communities devoted to erotica and romance literature.

7. Author Newsletters
Scarlet Cox’s Mailing List Signup and Dalia Daudelin’s Mailing List Signup

Let’s say you just finished a new smut book that had you on the edge of your seat, genitals throbbing and rearing to go. After leaving a five star review for that author (psssst, we like five star reviews) you can take a look at the back matter of your book and see if the author has a site. Often times they will have a newsletter you can sign up for — sometimes offering free (or cheap) books that you may not have found otherwise. The two authors I have linked to above send out weekly mailing lists featuring new releases and deals, usually there’s at least one free book in there.

6. Author Twitter and Blogs
@RedMallardBooks and Laura Hault’s Blog

Above all other places that I advertise my book deals, Twitter @RedMallardBooks and are the first that I announce on. Why? Because they’re accessible. Follow your favorite authors on Twitter and there’s a good chance that they’ll have a book giveaway at some point or another. In fact, since Black Friday, I’ve seen at least twenty of my author friends offer free eBooks until the end of the month. On blogs, simply subscribing to a blog (with word press this is easy) will get you updates every time they post a new release or a deal. The links I chose for this are my twitter account (yes, yes, I know, shameless plug — but really, I retweet free ebooks alot) and Laura Hault, who recently had her erotica ebook Welcome to the Black Room on sale for free.

5. Sharing programs
(Device specific, no need for a link. So, have this video of Jafar trying to read Fifty Shades instead.)

Both Kindle and Nook offer sharing programs for certain eBooks. All of my books are sharable — so if you have a friend that just finished reading something you’ve had your eye on, it costs them nothing to share the book with your account, allowing you a few weeks to read it.

4. Coverscroll

Coverscroll is a new unique service to authors that allows them to advertise their book using only their cover by tweeting @Coverscroll. You can check them out at — if a cover looks erotic, it probably is erotic… and possibly free.

3.  Smashwords
Smashwords Store – Filtered by Free Short Bestselling Erotica

There’s a myriad of erotica on Smashwords for free. In fact, Smashwords almost seems set up for you to find free erotica bestsellers — you can simply sort by price, bestsellers (or most downloaded, or highest rated), and the length of your choice, and find hundreds of titles on there. There is a lot of books that are borderline ridiculous ala Dinosaur Erotica, but there are certainly some diamonds in the rough.

2. Reddit /r/FreeEbooks

Yes, I’m a redditor (/u/RedMallardBooks). I admit it. There are many subreddits where authors announce new books and ebook deals, but if you’re looking for just free, you need to look no further than /r/FreeEbooks. Honorable mentions are /r/SelfPublish and /r/Heaving_Breasts (which is a private group).

1. Start an erotica book review blog
Wikihow Guide on How To Start a Book (sic: review) Blog

This is by far the best way to get quality erotica. New authors are desperately looking for places to promote their works and to get an honest review. Starting up an erotica review blog on WordPress or Blogspot could be a great way for you to get free copies — after all, no writer worth their salt will ask you for a review without giving you a free copy, you’re doing a service for them. Of course, it goes without saying that this is also a great way for you to get into blogging, writing, and building an audience all of your own.

Order of Eros II: Werewolf Biker Gangbang

13 Dec

My newest book (and the latest in the Order of Eros series) is now out! Check out Order of Eros II: Werewolf Biker Gangbang on Amazon and Smashwords!

If you haven’t already, make sure you pick up the first book, Order of Eros: Dominating the Billionaire Vampire as well. It’s 50% off on my Smashwords sale (during the month of December, don’t miss your chance to get it now for cheap!) — see the sticky post for details.

Articles coming soon

9 Dec

I’ll be adding a few articles pretty soon. I’m hard at work on my next release.

This post is actually just to force the “Articles” category into the menu. 🙂

Plug: Accidental Porn Star by Dalia Daudelin

9 Dec

How does one become an accidental porn star? Find out in Dalia Daudelin’s Accidental Porn Star, now available on Kindle!

An online ad spurs sexy Jenna to consider modelling for money. Her money situation is dire and she doesn’t want to get kicked out of her apartment. What lengths would you go to in order to stay off the streets?

The ad didn’t tell her the whole story, though. When the sexy man she’s posing with starts smacking her bum, Jenna has to make a choice: Will she break her contract, or will she let herself be spanked and seduced for money?

Order of Eros: Dominating the Vampire Billionaire is now on Amazon!

5 Dec


Looking for something new in the paranormal erotica genre? How’s about a story about a schoolgirl witch dominating a billionaire vampire with ancient artifacts and a magical cock ring? Only $2.99 on Amazon! Be sure to check out the first in this exciting series.